English major audit: What the audit said

What the auditors found was that the majority of the undergraduate courses offered by UPenn were “not well developed.”

“While the majority have a good content base, there is a significant lack of depth and breadth of instruction in English major and English major electives,” the report said.

“There is a need for the University to invest more in English majors as a whole, especially in the fields of humanities and social sciences.”

The audit also noted that while there were significant improvements in some areas of the college’s operation, “it is important to recognize that these improvements were limited in scope and scope was not sufficiently focused and aligned with the needs of the university community.”

The report also identified that the English major program was “underperforming.”

“The majority of students graduating from the English Major program are not well-rounded in terms of their ability to successfully complete the college degree,” the audit found.

“The lack of breadth and depth of instruction is an issue for students, and it does not reflect the strengths of the English program.

As a result, students are not meeting their full potential as a graduate.”

The university’s financial position has been in the red since September.

Last month, the University reported a loss of $17 million, which is $15 million less than the $27 million loss it earned last year.

“In our view, the financial condition of the University is unsustainable,” the review stated.

“As of September 30, 2017, the university had a deficit of $15.1 million.”

The $17.3 million loss came after the university reported a net loss of more than $12 million for the prior year.

A statement released by the university said it was making the change to the way the college assesses financial responsibility.

“We have made a commitment to our student population and their families that if the financial situation warrants, we will make changes to our academic offerings to better align our investment with the realities of the current financial situation,” the statement read.

“These changes are part of our plan to ensure that the financial burden of the College of Arts and Sciences falls more squarely on the shoulders of our students.”

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