How to read a Wells Fargo letter

Wells Fargo is using a different set of words to describe what it said was an automated account suspension and termination.

The bank, in a notice released Tuesday, said it “has identified and removed” a suspicious email that it says was sent to customers on April 27.

It said that the account had been suspended and that “there is no indication that the suspension was related to a violation of federal law or the law governing its processing of federal accounts.”

Wells Fargo says it has received more than 2,000 suspicious emails.

The letter said the account was suspended due to “several transactions involving unauthorized transactions.”

It did not elaborate on what those transactions were.

Wells Fargo did not respond to a request for comment.

The letter said that, on April 28, a Wells representative “counseled customers to ensure they were compliant with their agreement and that any unauthorized activity was limited to the limited number of accounts that Wells Fargo has.”

It said, on May 1, Wells Fargo “terminated the account for a period of six months, based on an investigation into suspicious activity.”

The letter did not specify whether those transactions involved unauthorized transactions or transactions that did not breach any bank policies.

Wells did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment on the investigation.

The statement comes as President Trump is under intense scrutiny over allegations that Wells has violated federal rules by not reporting suspicious activity to the government.

On Friday, Wells announced that it would not take any action against any of its employees.

It also said that it had received about 1,400 suspicious emails from customers over the past two months.

The notice also included some of the more detailed details about what Wells Fargo said was a potential security breach, which it said it discovered on April 26.

Wells said that a “security issue” in a customer account could have allowed unauthorized users to access the account.

The company said that if a customer tried to access a new account or check, the account would not allow access to the original account.

It also said the security issue was related only to one account, and that customers could get the same error message if they tried to open an account in another Wells Fargo branch.

The suspension of the account resulted from a “system-level issue,” Wells said.

It said that there were “no indications” the suspension of that account was related directly to the unauthorized activity.

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