10 ways you can learn a new language

Learn a new, fun language with the following tips.


Don’t be a total dumbass.

If you want to learn a foreign language, learn to read.

Read books, read articles.


Do it!

Don’t say it out loud.

Don’ t just say, “Wow, I can’t read!”

Don’t just say it like that.

Don’, t just sit there, stare at a blank screen.


Stop using the word “language” as an insult.

“Language” is an insult!

The word “English” is just an insult that is used to belittle someone.

You don’t have to use that word as an adjective, you can just say “English.”

You should never use it as an excuse to insult someone else.


Don,t take anything for granted.

If something is a given, don’t assume you can accomplish it.

Don” t assume it is going to happen.


Learn your own words.

It is okay to use the same word for two things that you like.

For example, if you are a writer, and you like to write poetry, you should be able to write poems in English.


Know how to spell.

For instance, the word for “language,” “English,” can mean many different things.

Don.t be afraid to ask someone how to say “food,” for example.

Don”t just say to someone, “I love eating food.”

Use a little extra effort to get a better idea of what they are saying.


If there is a language, start learning it.

For most people, they have a solid grasp on English.

Don don’t expect a person to speak to you in their native language.

Start learning your own language.


Use the language to get to know your family.

If your family is not native English speakers, you don’t need to worry about them speaking English to you.

Learn their language.


Find your friends.

Learn to recognize the faces of your friends from your own family.

Look around the room, and be sure to be able recognize your family members.

Don t be afraid of the fact that someone might be a language specialist or even a linguist.

Use it as a tool to help you become a better person.


Don a hat!

When you are in a foreign country, be sure not to wear anything that is not a hat.

A hat will help you feel comfortable, and it will be seen as more foreign to your host country.


Learn some words!

Learn some new words, and use them when you can.

For the language major on the train, I was learning the word tayyib, which means “blessed.”

For my communication major, I learned the word keny, which is used in English to say, good night.

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