UK: ‘The NHS is the greatest investment ever made in Britain’

The NHS is an investment made in the public’s health by taxpayers, and this government is making a historic commitment to making it a public asset by paying a “fair and reasonable” fee, according to a government minister.

NHS funding is also set to be doubled to £2bn in 2019-20, while a £1.9bn loan from the Department of Health will be used to improve care at hospitals and GP surgeries.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the NHS is “the greatest investment” ever made by Britain and that “it is absolutely critical that it is funded to the highest standards”.

He added that the government is committed to ensuring that the NHS can deliver “the highest quality of care” while “protecting and enhancing public confidence”.

The announcement was made on Thursday in the UK government’s annual White Paper for the Health Service, which is due to be published on Friday.

The government’s White Paper, which lays out the government’s vision for health, said the NHS was “the great equaliser between the individual and the community” and promised to “fund the NHS with the largest possible public investment in a decade”.

“The NHS has always been the ultimate carer and it is the NHS’s responsibility to care for those who are ill or disabled,” Hunt said.

“The Government is committed, like any great nation, to ensuring it delivers the highest quality care, and I have set out my vision for a health service that is fit for the 21st century.”

The White Paper says the government will invest £3.3bn in the NHS in 2019 and £5.3 billion in 2020-21, but said there would be “no cuts” in funding in 2021-22, as the NHS “remains the best investment in our country’s future”.

Hunt also said that a total of £1bn in spending over the next five years will go towards the National Health Service (NHS), the health service for the UK.

Hunt announced the £1 billion funding pledge at a ceremony in London, where he unveiled the National Investment Plan for the NHS.

The NHS was previously known as the “Great Society” and was set up by Margaret Thatcher in 1965 to provide the country’s health services for the first time.

In the 1980s, Thatcher set up a “National Health Service Trust” to oversee the development of the NHS and a “Centre for Excellence” for the provision of health care services.

But in the 1990s, the Conservative government began cutting services, with the NHS spending more than £1 trillion a year in the early 2000s.

A report by the Royal College of Physicians found that the UK has the second-highest number of people with an eating disorder in Europe, behind the United States.

The study found that around 15,000 people had been admitted to hospital for an eating problem in the past year.

Since 2015, the government has committed to cutting funding for the NHS by 40 percent, from £5 billion to £1billion.

It said it would also cut funding for other health-related services such as cancer treatment, mental health, mental-health services, and mental health services.

Hunt said: “We’re committed to delivering the best care for the people of Britain and it’s crucial that the £2.5bn we will invest in the NHP this year is matched by a significant investment in the Health and Social Care Bill, which will ensure that it’s the best health service in the country.”

Hunt said the National Healthcare Fund will be funded through a “generous increase in NHS tax credits”, while the NHS Investment Fund will also be used for health-focused infrastructure and services, including GP surgeries, GPs and hospital buildings.

“This is a government committed to making a difference for the many people in our communities and it must deliver the best possible NHS,” he said.

He also said the government would “continue to provide NHS funding to the NHS trusts that deliver the highest levels of patient care and quality of service”.

In 2016, Hunt pledged to deliver £2 billion to improve patient care at hospital and GP clinics.

Earlier this month, Hunt announced that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills would introduce a £400 million scheme for GP services, to help pay for the cost of new and upgraded equipment.

Hunt’s government also announced a £2 million “recovery fund” for mental health service provision, which has been criticised for being insufficient.

Last month, the British Medical Association called on the government to provide a more comprehensive list of the illnesses and conditions which can be treated with medication.

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