How to win an English Major

It’s not easy to find a top-tier English major, but the best students have earned it.

For the second year running, The Verge has compiled a list of the best majors, ranked from most to least deserving.

Here’s how it works.


Gmu English Major (GBM) 2.

Drexel English Major 3.

Bhsu English Major 4.

English major (USA) 5.

University of Virginia English Major 6.

University College London English Major 7.

University at Buffalo English Major 8.

Duke University English Major 9.

University, University of Texas English Major 10.

Georgetown University English major 11.

Cornell University English majors 12.

University Southwestern English majors 13.

University Chicago English majors 14.

The University of Illinois English major 15.

University School of the Americas English majors 16.

University San Francisco English majors 17.

University New York English majors 18.

University in Vienna English majors 19.

University Parisian English majors 20.

University Drexeck English major 21.

University Saint Louis English major 22.

University St. John’s English major 23.

University West Virginia English major 24.

University and University of Arizona English majors 25.

University Amherst English majors 26.

University Boston English majors 27.

University Austin English majors 28.

University Berkeley English majors 29.

University Cincinnati English majors 30.

University Columbia English majors 31.

University Columbus English majors 32.

University Detroit English majors 33.

University Grand Valley State University English students 34.

University Iowa English students 35.

University Kansas State English students 36.

University Kent State English major 37.

University Loyola Marymount University English graduate students 38.

University Michigan English graduate student 39.

University Minnesota English graduate school students 40.

University Montana English graduate program students 41.

University North Dakota English graduate graduate students 42.

University Oregon English students 43.

University Purdue English students 44.

University Rochester English students 45.

University Sacramento English students 46.

University Southern California English graduate programs 47.

University University of Iowa English graduate major 48.

University the University of Southern California School of Law graduate students 49.

University Utah English graduate professor 50.

University Virginia Tech English graduate master 51.

University Washington University of Medicine and Dentistry graduate students 52.

University Wisconsin-Milwaukee English graduate masters 53.

University Yale English graduate faculty 54.

University UCLA English graduate professors 55.

University Massachusetts Institute of Technology English PhD students 56.

University Pennsylvania English graduate PhD students 57.

University Rice University English doctoral program students 58.

University Vanderbilt English PhD program students 59.

University Syracuse English PhD PhD program graduate students 60.

University Stanford English PhD Program graduates 61.

University Vermont English PhD graduate students 62.

University Louisiana State University Graduate School of Education graduates 63.

University Oklahoma State University graduate program graduates 64.

University Tulane University graduate programs 65.

University Tennessee graduate programs 66.

University California Graduate School Graduate programs 67.

University Georgia Graduate Program graduates 68.

University Penn State Graduate Program graduate programs 69.

University Ohio State Graduate program graduates 70.

University Texas graduate program grad programs 71.

University Maryland graduate programs 72.

University Indiana University graduate students 73.

University Central Michigan University graduate student 74.

University Eastern Michigan University Graduate program graduate student 75.

University Western Illinois University Graduate students 76.

University Arizona State University Graduates 77.

University Northwestern University Graduated graduates 78.

University Alabama Graduate School graduates 79.

University UIC Graduate Program Graduate students 80.

University Notre Dame Graduate students 81.

University Colorado State University graduates 82.

University Missouri University of Science and Technology graduates 83.

University Cornell University graduates 84.

University Brown University graduates 85.

University Santa Clara University graduates 86.

University Rutgers Graduate Program Graduates 87.

University Duke University graduates 88.

University Miami University graduates 89.

University Portland State University grad graduates 90.

University The Ohio State University and Northern Illinois University graduate graduates 91.

University Florida International University graduates 92.

University Northern Illinois College of Business graduates 93.

University American University graduates 94.

University Dartmouth College graduates 95.

University Illinois State University doctoral program graduates 96.

University Princeton University PhD students 97.

University Connecticut College of Arts and Sciences graduate program graduate program student 98.

University George Mason University PhD program graduates 99.

University Temple University PhD graduates 100.

University Caltech PhD graduates 101.

University McGill University PhD grad program graduates 102.

University Rhode Island Graduate School PhD graduates 103.

University Harvard University PhDs 104.

University UC Davis PhDs 105.

University Carnegie Mellon University PhD graduate program members 106.

University Johns Hopkins University PhD-degree graduates 107.

University UCSD PhDs 108.

University Elon University PhD programs 109.

University USC PhD program members 110.

University Case Western Reserve University PhD Program members 111.

University Trinity College PhD program participants 112.

University Brandeis University PhD programme participants 113.

University Rider University PhD Programme participants 114.

University Georgetown University PhD programmes 115.

University William Paterson University PhD Programs 116.

University Seton Hall University PhDProgram participants 117.

University Monmouth University PhDprogram participants 118.

University Lehigh University PhD PROGRAM participants 119.

University Hofstra University PhD

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