Top 25 English Majors in North America

The top 25 English majors in North American colleges and universities are listed below.

The list is from the 2016 College Scorecard, and includes schools that have earned a “top” score on each criteria.

The rankings are based on the average score of the students who took the test, and include schools that do not require admission, which are considered more selective than most colleges and graduate programs.

The list includes colleges and schools that earned a top score on the test.

It also includes schools with a score of 75 or higher, schools with fewer than 20 students, and schools with more than 25 students.

Colleges and universities with scores of 60 to 59 are considered “very selective,” meaning that they offer some degree of diversity to their students.

Schools with scores between 60 and 59 are typically considered “low-enrollment” schools.

They typically have low-income populations and students are likely to transfer to other institutions in their majors.

These schools are generally not considered top-tier, meaning that the school can afford to pay tuition for the students they teach.

The rankings include institutions with scores above 60, 60 to 69, and 70 or higher.

Students who take the SAT will be given an average score, and scores over 70 are considered the highest scoring schools.

These schools are considered highly selective.

They are usually the most selective colleges and grad programs, which means that the students attending these schools can afford tuition and fees.

These are also the schools that offer the most courses in the fall and spring semesters.

Students who take these SATs should be aware that they can receive a “loss” score if they miss a number of weeks on the tests.

Students should also be aware of the following factors:The SAT is not the only way to determine which schools are “top tier.”

Other sources of information include the GRE, SAT prep tests, or ACT scores.

The SAT test has been shown to be a better predictor of college admission than SAT scores.

However, the SAT score is the best way to see how well colleges and students who are from low- to middle-income communities are doing.

The college admissions process is not perfect, and admissions officers can make some mistakes on the SAT tests.

The College Scoreboard can provide more information about how to interpret SAT scores, and can provide additional guidance on admissions questions.

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