Why did the University of Kentucky Medical Center remove the English major from its list of major subjects?

The University of Louisville Medical Center has removed the English minor from its major subjects list, which it had included in the 2015-16 school year.

The news comes as the university faces a growing number of recent controversies and controversies surrounding the University and the admissions process.

In December, a student group at the school protested outside the school after it was accused of harassing and threatening members of the community.

The group, Students for Liberty, was protesting the university’s policies against racial and ethnic diversity.

The university’s president, Greg Bledsoe, responded to the controversy by claiming the group had been misinformed about its activities.

“This is not a group that’s a threat to the institution,” Blednoe said at the time.

“We have not had any complaints against them.

We have not been contacted by any student groups.

The only complaints we have received are from the members of Students for Freedom of Speech.”

A group of students at the University also petitioned Bledvoe in February to remove the minor from the English majors list.

That petition was denied by Bledtoes office, but it has since been amended to remove language that said “inclusion of English is not mandatory” from the new policy.

“I want to assure you that this change does not represent a shift in the University’s admissions policy,” Bredsoe said in a statement at the change.

“The University of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the University at Buffalo are both accredited institutions and the College of William and Mary do not require any specific English major as a prerequisite for admission to the University.”

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