Osu English Major essay: “I’m not ready for that, I’m a footballer”

A major essay in English, the article in English is the essay that shows the English major in detail, its a bit difficult to read because of the different type of word and the lack of punctuation.

I recommend you read it first to see how it will go. 

I am not ready to become an English major.

I want to become a professional footballer. 

I have no intention of becoming a professional soccer player.

I am only interested in football. 

For me, the English is just a language, an accent, an alphabet. 

But I’m not sure I’ll become a good professional footballer, because football is not my native language, I don’t know what kind of career I want, I don’t have any ambition to become someone like the greats like Pep Guardiola or David Beckham. 

There are some things I want that I will not do, but I know I will be able to achieve them, so I just have to accept that, for now. 

 It would be a shame if I did not become an international footballer.

It would be good to be in the World Cup, the Champions League, the UEFA Champions League. 

It is a pity if I was not able to do that. 

I am a professional football player. 

That is what I want. 

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