In-depth look at how our digital devices are changing the world

In-Depth article In this week’s Next Big Question, we’ll look at the implications of the latest advances in robotics and artificial intelligence.

We’ll look back at the year 2016 and look ahead to what lies ahead.

Next Big Future: How do we think we are living in the future?

This week, we will look at what’s behind the excitement about AI and robotics, the challenges ahead, and the possibilities for humanity in the decades ahead.

Topics:human-interest,technology,arts-and-entertainment,science-and%E2%80%99art-and_the-art,technology-and/or-science,law-crime-and.crime,law,government-and:house-of-representative,electoral-records,lawyers-and–lawyers,australia,arthur-bay-4800,canberra-2600Contact Ashley BrownEmail [email protected] Big Question: What will the future look like for the world’s leading universities?

Will they be able to keep up with technological advances?

We’ll hear from the head of the Australian Centre for AI, Professor Peter May, about the future of the university sector and what this will mean for students, faculty and the nation.

Topics are:education,science,technology

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