A new language for English majors quiz

A new learning strategy for English learners will be unveiled in September as part of the first wave of curriculum changes announced by the government this week.

The aim is to teach English as a second language to a growing number of students, the education ministry said.

In September, the government announced a new initiative for its students to learn English as second language in schools.

Students will be taught the language of their choice by a teacher who can also be a teacher in a second-language school.

For the next five years, all primary and secondary schools in the country will be required to provide language courses to students.

“The aim of the curriculum changes is to create a second class of learners who are not yet exposed to the language,” education ministry spokesman Subhash Raval said on Tuesday.

Among the new courses will be courses in reading and writing.

This will include reading the national anthem and playing the national ballad.

At the same time, the new syllabus will also introduce new language-specific skills such as listening to songs and music, he said.

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