UK hiring english major, English majors for Gwozaan project

UK tech giant Gwozan said it has hired six English majors to work on a mobile application to improve the lives of disadvantaged people in the region.

The company has set up the Gwozana team in an effort to help improve lives in the GwaZulu province, which has seen a spike in cases of HIV and TB in recent years.

Gwozan CEO Ian Jackson said he had set up a team to work with the local community to make sure Gwozians social fabric is preserved.

“Gwozian is a community of people that is being neglected in terms of the amount of resources that they have to support each other,” he said.

“Our aim is to improve those lives and make them better for future generations.”

Mr Jackson said the team was working with local partners to provide GwoZan users with the tools to better understand their communities, and improve their lives.

“We are hoping that we will be able to identify and identify gaps that people in our community might not have been aware of,” he added.

“To be able then to make that kind of impact in those areas, you have to work together with the community to identify that gap.”

Gwozaans population has seen an increase in HIV and tuberculosis cases since 2010.

Gwuzaan is home to around 8,000 people who are infected with HIV.

The disease is the second leading cause of death in Africa, and is the leading cause in South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

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