Rutgers English Major opens in Nashville

Vanderbilt University English Major is a new endeavor for the university and will be a full-time job for many students, according to the college.

The school announced Wednesday that it is the first English major in the nation to open in a new city.

It is located in Nashville, Tenn., about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of Knoxville.

The program is part of the University of Tennessee’s effort to become a major that can attract and retain students who are looking for opportunities outside of the U.S. for the first time in their lives.

“The goal is to create an environment where students can pursue their dreams and thrive while continuing to grow in the context of a multicultural and inclusive environment,” said Dan Dominguez, the associate provost for the program and the university’s executive vice president for external affairs.

Dominguez is expected to speak to the program’s new graduates Wednesday.

The college said it will offer the program in four areas: literature, music, arts and entertainment, and communications.

The college’s English major will begin fall 2019.

The English major has been open for a few years, but the school said it wanted to create a fulltime position to support its students’ aspirations.

The school is hoping to add the program to its list of online majors.

The students in the English major program will be working on a variety of writing projects, such as writing a story, composing a music piece or conducting a lecture.

Domenes said that in order to create the position, it had to find candidates with different interests, such that it could balance the demands of students’ work with their academic lives.

He said the school wanted to hire people who are “interested in the world and their careers,” rather than the other way around.

The first class of students will start in fall 2019, and they will be in the program until the end of May 2020.

Students in the first class will have the opportunity to choose a major with different requirements than the rest of the program.

Domenes described the major as an opportunity to learn about a different set of skills than those that are typical of many college majors.

The first class students will be able to choose between three major subjects.

Dombes said the university plans to open up the English Major to applicants in early May, and the first classes are expected to begin next spring.

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