How to get a job with English majors: Where to apply

In the United States, where English is the second-most widely spoken language, about 6.6 million people have a degree in the field, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

But English majors in the United Kingdom and Australia are often more likely to be women than men.

A 2013 report by the UCL English Department found that the proportion of men and women who earn a degree is roughly equal across the three countries.

For example, the proportion who earn doctorates in the U, UK and Australia is about the same in England, but the proportion in England is about twice that in Australia.

But in the UK and UK-based countries, the gap is even wider, with women earning degrees at a higher rate than men in almost every country.

Some UK-born students have found that, while their English skills are strong, they are still far behind their male peers, and they need to work hard to make up for that.

In the case of English majors, the UK has an English requirement that is similar to that of all English majors.

But it is much more lenient than in Australia, where most students are expected to take two years of English.

“The UK is very supportive of women’s studies and women’s progress,” said Joanna Hoyle, a senior lecturer in English and director of the UK Women’s Studies Centre at the University of Westminster.

“We have a very different approach to English than many other countries.”

The UK is one of a few countries that have no specific requirement for English majors and they often work hard with the UK’s national university to ensure that they get the best possible support.

But some women in the country feel that they are not being supported in this respect, particularly when it comes to their learning and preparation.

A report released by the Department for Education’s Women and Equalities office this month highlighted how English is one area where women often struggle.

It said that a majority of UK-educated women were not able to take part in formal education because of a lack of funding, and that they often struggled to get to college.

“Some women are being told they don’t need a degree because they are studying in the classroom and not doing formal work,” said one of the report’s authors, Susan Bowers, director of policy and campaigns at the charity Women and Politics.

“That is very frustrating and puts women in a really difficult position.”

The report highlighted that in some cases, teachers and tutors were failing to make the most of the resources available to women students, and students were being told that they had to “just get through” the requirements of a degree.

While some universities have moved to provide more support for English students, some have also stepped up their support for their male counterparts.

“They are often told, ‘You’re not going to get through this.

You’re not good enough to go on to university’,” said one female student who did not want to be named.

“I know that’s true for many women.”

The University of Exeter has also made it clear that it does not want a gender-specific requirement for students.

“There is nothing about the English requirement in our university that prevents you from going on to higher education,” the university said in a statement to the BBC.

“What we want is a wider range of experiences across all areas of higher education.”

But some students feel that it is important that they do not fall into the same trap that the other students who study in other countries have.

The student told BBC Trending that she feels that she needs to get into a UK university where she is not expected to be a “good fit” for the culture.

“My English is not good, I have to study in the same way as everyone else,” she said.

“If you are an English major, you will go into university as if you are just like everyone else.

You will be told you are good at everything.

You are told to do everything, and you will be judged on that.”

“It is very hard to go to university when you feel like you are not good at English.”

Many students say that they have struggled to find jobs or other opportunities due to the lack of support.

“It really frustrates me,” said another student who was studying in Australia at the time of the BBC report.

“Most universities are very open about what they do, but I don’t think they are going to support women’s degrees at the moment.

I think it is unfair to women.”

Another student, who asked to remain anonymous, said that her university has not supported her, saying: “It’s very frustrating because I have worked hard for years and years to get this degree.

If they support me and help me, I can make it.

I know there are a lot of men who do this too, and I’m just hoping that they don’ want to give me that.”

It is not just the English majors who are feeling the effects of lack of resources.

Another student told Trending

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