How to Get the English Major in the Classroom

Grinnell University has put together a course that will help you become an English major in the classroom.

Students will learn how to identify common misconceptions and misconceptions that arise when people hear the word “major.”

“English majors tend to get the most exposure, because of the way they’re perceived by students,” said English major Kristi Eriksen, who helped write the course.

“But that exposure is mostly from their parents, and that exposure has really hurt their careers,” she said.

Eriksen said she wanted to help students overcome their negative image of English majors and to help them find the confidence to become an effective major in their field.

“If we can change their minds, I think we can really change the world.”

To help students improve their English majors, Eriksens class is geared toward both college and high school students.

The class will include a number of topics, including:Understanding how the word major is used in the media, and how it affects students’ expectations of what a major can be.

Identifying common misconceptions that may arise when students hear the term.

Describing why students may perceive a person as a major when they’re not, such as “this is the person that they think they know,” or “this person is a major.”

The class also includes tips on how to approach your job search.

Ericksen said the course will be open to students who are not currently majoring in English.

“We have a huge amount of people who are working in the industry, and they’re really interested in this,” she added.

“And they don’t want to think about it, and I think it’s important for people to think, ‘Well, what can I do to become a better English major?'”

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