Why do people speak ‘english’?

The world’s languages are rapidly changing, but are you aware of how they’re changing?

According to a new survey from the Oxford English Dictionary, the world’s spoken languages are evolving in many ways.

In this article, we’ll explore how the world of English and other languages is changing.

To understand how we’re evolving as a species, we need to understand where we come from.

A key question in this research was: How does our language and culture fit into this globalised world?

This new survey is the first comprehensive survey of language usage across the world.

It provides a snapshot of the languages spoken in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

For a more detailed overview of the survey methodology and the findings, see our ‘What’s New’ section.

Language usage changes in the US: Where we come in The report surveyed a representative sample of over 2,000 people across the US, Australia and New Zealand.

More than 1,200 respondents were asked about their use of English.

The results show a broad trend.

English usage is rising in most parts of the world, but the majority of people living in the U.S. and New England say they do not speak English at home.

Only about a quarter of Americans and Australians have an English-speaking partner, and the share of Americans speaking English at work is just under 20%.

Language usage has also grown in Australia, with more than 20% of people in that country saying they don’t speak English.

What’s the link between language and language use?

This report reveals that language and its use are linked.

A number of social and cultural factors are contributing to a rise in English language usage.

English is increasingly used by many in the developed world, which means people often have a wider range of options in how to communicate.

This is particularly true of the young, and it’s likely that people from those groups are more likely to use English than people in the rest of the population.

For example, young people are more inclined to communicate using their own languages, and they’re less likely to take on the role of language-in-service role in other countries’ governments.

For this reason, more young people use English in many areas.

It’s also a language that is often seen as more informal, which is good for people with limited English language skills.

The U.K. and Australia also see a rise of English usage in their populations.

In the U, more than half of young people (54%) have a language-related social or cultural reason for using English at least once a month, compared with just about a third of older people (28%) and those aged 65 and older (22%).

The survey also finds that younger people tend to use the language more often.

In particular, they’re using English more often than older people.

This suggests that language use is a social good that has benefits for everyone.

This report also found that older people tend not to use it as often, even when they do speak it.

Language and culture as a global phenomenon.

It turns out that the United states have a large share of people who speak English as their first language, and this is the main reason that English is so prevalent in many countries.

More people use the English language at home than in the workplace.

The number of people at home who say they use English as a first language has risen from 19% to 29% in the last decade.

The study also found a link between how people talk about language and how they use it.

People who say their language is spoken in English more frequently are more open to new ideas.

The more frequently they talk about the use of language in their everyday lives, the more likely they are to be open to ideas that are foreign to them.

And when people are open to foreign ideas, they are less likely, on average, to use their language in an informal way.

In other words, people who are less interested in learning about their own language than in foreign languages are less open to sharing ideas about language.

English’s growth is partly a consequence of globalization.

The rise in language usage in the developing world is due in part to the economic success of many of these countries, including Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and the Philippines.

But it also reflects an emerging trend that may be affecting the way people talk to each other in the world: a trend that is being driven by globalisation itself.

The globalization of language means that, over time, languages are increasingly used to convey information and ideas that have not yet entered the mainstream.

For instance, many languages that are used for business communication and for the business world are also used by some people who don’t even speak English and for some who do.

For those who speak the language, they use the same language as their colleagues and, when they’re speaking in a public setting, they often use it in a

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