When the Jews got a new name: When the ‘Jewish state’ was invented

The name ‘Israel’ has become synonymous with the idea of the state of Israel.

It’s not hard to see why.

Since 1948, when the state was established in 1948, the name ‘Jewish’ has been used as a synonym for ‘Israel’, and that’s the way it’s been used since the establishment of the Jewish state.

The State of Israel has been in existence since 1948.

There’s a long history of naming Israel after Jews.

As a result, the term ‘Israel,’ is synonymous with ‘Jewish’.

Israel was born out of the Zionist movement that sought to create a Jewish state in Palestine.

The Zionists sought to establish a Jewish homeland in the land that they called ‘Israel’.

In the late 19th century, a British diplomat in Jerusalem, Sir William Jones, asked a group of British Jewish intellectuals to come up with a name for the new state of the Holy Land.

He named it ‘Israel.’

Jones believed that the name could symbolize the Jewish identity of the land.

In fact, Jews have used the word ‘Israelis’ for many years.

Although the Jewish people have been living under the name of Israel since 1948, there has been no formal recognition of it.

A few years ago, the European Union adopted a resolution that recognized the state and called for the renaming of the Palestinian territories to ‘Palestine’.

The name ‘Palestinian’ was also rejected by the European community.

Instead, the resolution called for a ‘new name for Israel’ that would better reflect the country’s history and identity.

Today, the Israeli government and the Israeli community have been debating a new solution to the problem of the name.

Israel has used the term “Israel” to refer to the state for more than 100 years.

In the 1980s, Israeli leaders began using the word to refer specifically to the Jewish citizens of Israel who were granted citizenship in 1948.

Today, there are roughly 4 million Jews in Israel.

The term “Israeli” is still used by many in the West to refer broadly to the people of Israel, as well as other Jewish groups, but the term has lost its meaning.

Israeli officials have repeatedly stressed the need to honor the name “Israel.”

In 2014, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed the name change to the international community, saying that the term was an important part of the nation’s identity.

He said that the decision to change the name was based on the need for the State of Palestine to be recognized as a sovereign state.

But critics have also questioned whether the proposed name change will lead to any change in the way Israelis refer to each other, the state, or the Jews.

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