How to Get Into The UK’s Top 10 English-Major Rockers

A year ago, the UK’s top 10 rockers were determined by the number of times they performed in the country.

Now, according to a new poll by MTV News, the answer has changed.

The Top 10 in the UK are now dominated by three different rock bands: The xx, Radiohead and Mumford & Sons.

In fact, the only rock band to break into the Top 10 last year was The Smiths, which peaked at No. 3.

Now that they’re back at No, Mumford and Sons have slipped back into the “top 10” conversation.

The top 10 of UK rock is now dominated entirely by three bands, with Radiohead, Mumfords and The xx all in the Top 5 The xx have returned to the Top 40, while Radiohead are at No 2, The Smith’s are at 9, and The Smith have climbed back into No. 1 with a Top 10 debut.

Top 10 Rock Songs from 2013 (Total Album Sales) 1.

Radiohead – The Joshua Tree 2.

Radio-head – Idioteque 3.

Mumford And Sons – Radiohead 4.

Radio +1 – Mumford 5.

Mumford – Radio +2 6.

Mumtaz +2 – Mumfond 7.

Mum +3 – Mumtau 8.

MumFond +3 9.

Mum+4 – Mum +5 10.

Mum Fond +4

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