When are you going to retire?

You know you’ve had it with being a “typical” American when you see that every single one of your friends have already done it, and you don’t even feel like you’re doing anything new.

But what if you were to make a new career change and it wasn’t just a lifestyle change, but a career change for you?

It’s possible.

The United States Census Bureau says that more than one in three Americans are currently over the age of 65.

As many as one in 10 Americans are over 65.

The US population is aging rapidly and it’s making it more difficult for Americans to live on the same income level as their parents.

One of the biggest obstacles to retirement is being older than 60.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average age for American workers is 54.1 years old.

That means you’d have to be in your 60s or 70s to retire in the US today.

If you’re looking to retire at a younger age, you could look to the retirement savings options available to you.

Here are some retirement savings that are worth considering.

American Life Insurance

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