How to read the SAT test with your brain

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Are the SAT questions worth taking? 

Why should you take the test? 

The SAT will be taking place at 8pm EST on Monday September 23.

It is not possible to take it at home, so make sure you get to the office at the same time.

If you have already taken the SAT, you can still take it in person and pass it on to your spouse, partner or co-worker, even if you did not take it online. 

If the test is online, it can take about 15 minutes to take. 

Do I need a laptop? 


You do not need a computer to take this test.

You can use any phone, tablet or computer, and it will be taken on a mobile phone or tablet. 

Is there a score cutoff? 


You must have scored at least 75% in any of the seven sections on the SAT before you can take the exam. 

What do I do if I am late? 

Your test will be over in a couple of hours.

If you do not take the time to prepare and you are late, you will be assessed a penalty fee of $150. 

Should I bring a book or video? 

A book or a video will not be required to take your SAT, but you can use it to study.

You may need to bring your own headphones or ear buds to study while taking the test, and you can download a free app that lets you study with the help of a voice recorder. 

Are there any penalties for taking the SAT late?

Yes, if you do take the quiz too early, you could miss out on the bonus points, which will not count towards your score. 

How long will it take to take my SAT? 

  The SAT will take between five and eight hours to take, depending on how fast you can study. 

Can I retake the SAT at any time? 

You can retake the test anytime. 

When can I expect my SAT scores? 

It will be on Monday, September 23 at 8:30pm EST.

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