Ucf English major Binghamton University says it has no intention of changing its name

Binghampton, New York — UcfEnglishMajor.com (USM) has posted a news article on its website titled “Ucf English Major is changing its nickname to UcfBinghamton University.”

The article states the university is in discussions with several other major institutions including Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign about its name.

It is unclear when the changes will be implemented.

UcfEnglishBinghamts name has come under scrutiny recently after the school recently released a list of faculty and staff who voted in favor of the name change.

The changes included the resignation of former President Richard C. Bowers, as well as the election of a new vice president in October.

The new name will not be approved by the University System of Georgia Board of Trustees until the name is reviewed by the board, which is led by the vice president of student affairs.

The board must make a recommendation to the president before it makes a final decision.

A number of students have criticized the university for its name change, including former UcfUcfBevin, who spoke out in November and tweeted the UcfUniversityBinghamtons name was not appropriate.

Ucfbinghamton is a nickname for UcfCollege, the nickname for the campus that is the flagship of the University at Buffalo.

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