Why you’re not a Uconn English major

The English major at the University of Connecticut has been a source of contention over the years.

But the university says it has a better way to communicate with the public, and that its new strategy will keep students from being bullied.

The university is working on a new online platform for students and faculty that would allow them to share information about campus safety, campus safety issues and other topics through a video chat.

The university said its first phase of the online platform will be rolled out to all undergraduates by the end of the year.

It will allow for a single-user experience, with the option for up to five people.”UConn has a strong track record of responding to student safety concerns and student needs in a timely manner and the online video chat platform is an important part of that process,” said Robert Gershman, director of university communications.

“The University of Hartford is working to expand the online voice and video chat capability to include all undergraduate students by the beginning of 2019.”

He said UConn is working with other colleges and universities to bring the technology to other campuses and across the country.

The platform is part of a broader plan to offer video chats in the classroom, said David Zasloff, president of UConn’s UConn Student Association.

The UConn website is the largest and most popular source of information for UConn students, GersHman said.

The site is used by about 1.5 million students each day, he said.UConn officials hope the new platform will help students feel more comfortable in the first year of college.

“It’s really important that we provide them with a safe and comfortable learning environment for the first two years, and then we can provide a sense of safety and security in the future,” Gerschman said of the new video chat program.

Uconn is using its online platform to share safety information with other students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The campus also plans to make video chats available in its student union offices.

Students, faculty and staff can request that the site be turned off to protect privacy and security.

The site is also used by UConn staff and students who are enrolled in courses or programs that require access to campus and are using the site to communicate.

The new video chats will also allow students and staff to discuss campus safety and issues, according to Gersheman.

“The goal is to provide students with a way to have a voice and to be able to share their concerns and concerns with their fellow students and to provide a safe learning environment,” he said, adding that the technology will also help the university to make the campus safer.

Gershmann said Uconn is working closely with the Connecticut State Police to make sure students are protected from anyone who may attempt to harm them, and to monitor the site for new threats.

U-Conn has been at the center of controversy in recent years after a former student at the university claimed he was sexually assaulted by a former professor.

The former professor, who was not identified, denied the allegations.

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